Ted Talk Analysis - Ted Talk to effect change

  • There are 14 slides in this lesson on analysing a Ted Talk and its effectiveness of effecting change.
  • Students view 3 Ted talks, and the purpose is to experience what a Ted talk looks like in preparation of their own presentation.

The outline of the lesson is below:

  • Brainstorm of some of the issues faced in our world today.
  •  Watch the video A Pep Talk from Kid President to You and answer the comprehension questions.
  • Watch the TED Talks on environmental damage, and complete Worksheet lessons 17–18 TED Talk analysis.
  •  Revise speaking skills in preparation for delivering the presentation by completing Worksheet lessons 17–18 Verbal and non-verbal cues for a TED Talk.
  • As a class, discuss the qualities of an effective multimodal slideshow, and complete Worksheet lessons 17–18 Multimodal components checklist.

Worksheets will be included on the USB.