Characterisation in a Narrative


There are 19 slides in this lesson on characterisation.

  • Powerpoint on characterisation
  • Activity #1 - Read the Extract ‘Catching Teller Crow’ Complete the activities, Character description and Illustration of Dad

  • Activity #2 - Using details to describe a character. - Read the examples given Miss Trunchbull and George and Lennie.

  • Activity #3 -Create your own description of one of the following:Pirate, politician, clown, explorer, or artist

  • Activity #4 -Read the information and examples on positioning a character.


    Activity #5 - Read Caught in a Rip - Write a scene in which your character deals with a difficult situation and survives. The following suggestions may help: an actor at an audition, a cyclist crossing the Nullabor, a patient at the dentist, a motorist with a flat tyre, a shopper at a crowded sale, a teenagers at a rowdy party.