Year 10 - Short Stories - examining examples of short stories


There are 31 slides in this lesson which explores examples of short stories "Myths and Legends". To see a full lesson format look at lesson 1 English Year 10 - as there is a small sample of this lesson.

◦By the end of this lesson students will read and appraise (make comment) on the story The Curse.

The lesson content is as follows: 

  • revisiting a story you know thinking and remembering
  • Myths and legends (The Curse)
  • Short answer response
  • Brainstorm
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Table
  • Identifying good and evil
  • Identifying the topic of the curse
  • Creating a sentence
  • Plenary - Identifying feelings

All worksheets required for this lesson will be included on the USB.