Year 10 - English - Biographies and interpretation of characters


There are 22 slides in this lesson on Biographies.

Students revise characterisation and examine a children’s story and create a storyboard with the focus on the character.

The outline of the lesson is below: 

  • Think/pair/share on biographies
  • Activity 1 - Look at the two images of “The Joker” and list the similarities and differences
  • Activity 2 -  Worksheet - interpretations of the joker
  • A number of clips on the Joker is shown to the students
  • Activity 3 - Adjectives in the film
  • Class discussion on the Joker
  • Activity 4 - Storybook activity - 
  • In pairs or small groups, explore the teacher-allocated traditional childhood story
  • Activity 5 - Changing the story to your story
  • Activity 6 - group work on the story
  • Plenary – feedback to other groups your story
     All films are embedded in the slide show - any worksheets needed are included in the USB.