Year 10 - English - Exploring Tone in Texts


There are 19 slides in this lesson.

In this lesson students explore the question What is tone? What is context and make the connection to a stories ability to make a connection with the reader.

The outline of the lesson below:

  • In pairs or small groups, complete the activities on the Worksheet Lesson 3 Change That Tone! Pge 6
  • As a class, explore the question: what is tone?
  • Revise the meaning of the term context as required.
  • Explore the importance of context as well as the text’s purpose and intended audience when making meaning and judging tone.
  • In pairs or small groups, sort the range of adjectives describing tone and create two word clouds, using Worksheet Lesson 3 – Describing tone.
  • Discuss the purpose and intended audience of each text in Worksheet Lesson 3 What is that tone? Explore how the contexts of the various intended audiences may influence responses to the texts.
  • Complete the activities on Worksheet Lesson 3 What is that tone?
  • Read the lyrics, and listen to and/or watch one or more of the autobiographical song/s chosen by the teacher.
  • In pairs, respond to a series of questions about this/these song/s.

All clips are embedded in the slides and worksheets will be included in the USB.