Year 10 English - An introduction to biographical and autobiographical text types


There are 32 slides in this lesson.

An introduction to biographical and autobiographical text types.

In this lesson, students will have analysed some picture books and created their own spider line of your autobiography. 

Outline of lesson: 

  • Read a range of autobiographical picture books or graphic novels for enjoyment.
  • Contribute their thoughts on the various purposes and intended audiences of these texts, as part of a class discussion.
  • Complete the Worksheet Lesson 4–5 Picture book or graphic novel analysis for one of the texts which they have read.
  • Create a spider diagram of their own autobiographical experiences; these may be happy and/or sad.
  • Select one experience and complete the Worksheet Lesson 4–5 Autobiographical Storyboard to show how they would communicate this experience in the form of a picture book across six pages; making visual and written language choices that link to a specific target audience.

All visual texts are embeded in the power point. Any worksheets will be in the USB.