Year 10 - English - Autobiographical voices - a selection


There are 15 slides in this lesson.

During the lesson students view and read about a number of people and their autobiographies.

An outline of the lesson is below:

  • Read a selection of autobiographical extracts by a range of authors, and from a variety of historical, cultural and social contexts.
  • Identify, analyse, evaluate and discuss:
  • the implicit or explicit values, beliefs and assumptions presented in the texts and how these influence and shape the perspective of the author
  • the purpose and intended audience of each text
  • the narrative viewpoint and structure of each text
  • how each text influences the reader response and why students respond as they do (linking to personal context, values, attitudes and beliefs)
  • appropriate adjectives to describe the voice of the authors; including how we read their tone through their vocabulary choices, punctuation, syntax and any dialogue.
  • Complete Worksheet Lessons 8–10 Autobiographical analyses.
  • Pause and reflect; receive teacher and peer feedback on the formative assessment task.
  • Complete the formative assessment reflection survey as part of the feedback cycle, answering various questions.

Any clips will be embedded in the slide show; any worksheets will be included in the USB.