Year 10 - English - Analysing a particular voice - Kim Kardashian


There are 16 slides in this lesson.

  • Students view and analyse Kim Kardashian sho is well known in the world. 

An outline of the lesson is below:

  • Observe and discuss how to analyse representation and voice by reading and/or watching the three texts written by, or presenting, the influential or famous person chosen by the teacher.
  • Take note of vocabulary choices, syntax, punctuation and/or the way the influential or famous person speaks. Consider the way they look and behave through verbal and non-verbal cues, if visual texts are available.
  •  read the texts composed by (or including)  Kim Kardashian  and complete the relevant activities.
  • Complete Worksheet Lessons 12–13 Verifying voice.
  • Analyse the text selected in the previous research lesson, which represent the voice of the chosen influential or famous person.
  • Use Worksheet Lessons 12–13 A representation of voice to draw conclusions about the three texts selected, and reflect on how to represent themselves as the influential or famous person through written, verbal and non-verbal language choices. This will be submitted as part of the summative assessment task.

Clips for this lesson will be embedded in the power point, any worksheets needed will be included in the USB.