Year 10 - English - Analysing a particular voice - James Joyce


There are 28 slides in the lesson on James Joyce.


  • Students are introduced to an influential person called James Joyce. 

Outline of the lesson is below:

  • Observe and discuss how to analyse representation and voice by reading and/or watching the text on James Joyce.
  • Take note of vocabulary choices, syntax, punctuation and/or the way the influential or famous person speaks. Consider the way they look and behave through verbal and non-verbal cues.
  •  Read the texts composed by James Joyce and complete the relevant activities.
  • Complete Worksheet Lessons 12–13 Verifying voice.
  • Analyse the text selected in the previous research lesson, which represent the voice of the chosen influential or famous person.
  • Use Worksheet Lessons 12–13 A representation of voice to draw conclusions about the text selected, and reflect on how to represent themselves as the influential or famous person through written, verbal and non-verbal language choices. This will be submitted as part of the summative assessment task.

All worksheets needed for this lesson will be included in the USB.