Year 10 - English - Narrative conventions and focus on Jane Austen and Novel and film Emma


There are 47 slides in this lesson. This lesson will take at least two weeks (maybe more depending on co-hort) to cover.

All conventions used in literature are explained and examination of an extract from Emma and the film are used to practice the analysis of conventions.

The outline of the lesson is below:

  • Power point on Plot - exposition
  • Activity Emma extract - identifying the exposition
  • Activity - questions on slide for students to answer on Emma
  • Power point example of the context of Emma
  • Viewing of Jane Austen Literature
  • Short clip on the Biography of Jane Austen
  • Power point example of the main message of Emma
  • Examining examples of the cover of Jane Austens book Emma over time
  • Reading on the Regency Era
  • Activity for student to identify and explaine context of Emma
  • Paragraph on the difference between your life and the life of Jane Austen
  • Activity - Identify the words that describe the character Emma
  • Idenifying other characters in the book using the wordbank
  • Power point on setting
  • Analysing a setting - practice extract
  • Instructions on how to analyse setting
  • Film (first 20 Minutes ) students identify setting
  • An example of written summary of setting of Emma
  • Students write their own summary of the setting of Emma
  • Power point on Plot
  • Plot diagram - linking the plot of Emma to the plot diagram

Teacher will have to find film of Emma, but visual of Jane Austens life and extracts will be embedded in the power point.

Any worksheets needed ie extract of Emma will be included in the USB.