Year 10 - English - Analysing Film Techniques


There are 47 slides in this lesson on analysing a film using SWAT Codes.

Powerpoint on the following

  • How to read images power point
  • Power point on SWAT Codes
  • Identify SWAT codes in film Emma
  • Activity - Film shots
  • Activity – deciding on best shot for emotion
  • Activity - Symbols
  • Activity -Analysing a film using SWAT Codes
  • Power point on Genre
  • Activity- A lot can be learnt about a character from the way they are portrayed in a film.  Character analysis. 
  • Looking at these images, what do we assume to know about the characters?
  • Write 3 sentences which explain HOW SWAT codes are used to convey this information.

Worksheets will be provided on the USB.