Year 11 English - ATAR - Unpacking a question - Exam preparation


There are 7 slides in this lesson.

This lesson takes the student through an exam question and demonstrates to the student how to break down the questions so as to make sure that the student really understands what the question is asking.

  • Exam question: Briefly explain how significant language features and textual conventions shaped your response to a studied text.
  • Explain means? Explain means relate cause and effect: make the relationships between things evident why and or how.
  • Significant language features – tone, formal/ informal, sentences (simple, compound , complex)
  • Textural conventions: purpose, theme, setting, plot, audience

Students have covered purpose theme, setting, plot and audience will be briefly explained so the students can practice answering the question.

The extract used is "The Good Corn". However any text extract could be used.