Year 11 Geography - Multinational Corporations


There is 22 slides in this lesson.

The lesson is as follows: 

  1. Title
  2. Early Multinationals with a map
  3. Hudson Bay - with map
  4. The rise of global business systems
  5. Systems needed for trade
  6. WW2
  7. International head office
  8. Consequences of overseas ownership
  9. The centres (core) of Multinationals are:
  10. Global centralisation and specialisation
  11. Alcoa
  12. Reasons for locating head office in big cities
  13. Geographical process in the modern world
  14. World cities
  15. Large cities
  16. Categorisation of cities
  17. A+cities compliment London and New York
  18. Alpha and Alpha cities
  19. B cities
  20. C- cities
  21. Australia
  22. London, New York, Tokyo
    factors of influence to centralisation and specialised global finance