Year 8 - Medieval Times - Beliefs and cures for the Black Plague


This Lesson has 18 slides.

The lesson is about:

Living conditions and religious beliefs in the 14th Century including life expectancy medical knowledge and beliefs about the power of God.

 The students learn about: the different ways the people used to stop the black plague. Students look at different sources that explain what they tried to do. They listen to a song which is all about the plague and you will analyse what each line may mean.

An outline of the lesson is below:

  •  Reading background information (Oxford Big Ideas 8)
  •  Source work: The flagellants – artwork
  •  Goya’s painting
  • Electronic image of Goya’s painting is: Francisco deGoya_y_Lucientes_025.jpg
  • worksheet Herbal remedies (in workbook available in the webshop)
  • The song ring a ring a rosy